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Feels rich, impulsive, layered, exciting and more accessible than previous works. Am throwing out a bunch of suggestions. Here goes.

Mechanical intensity, itchy excess energy manic, incessant pulsing, yet gentle, homely carpet spread set up. Play on this contrast further maybe? Eg maybe shoes off, domestic, studio in progress, shoes hint less at ease within space. Claim space via casual sock smoothness.

Intrigued by head bob between phone and board. When looking at phone look possessed almost, semi-conscious sleep-scrawling mind. Therefore wonder if could do it whilst only looking (either) at board or head bowed. Wonder if other ways to limit/control vision further e.g. blinkers, blindfold, fed information via earpiece instead of phone to keep full presence/attention with wall surface?

Interesting that whiteboard not wiped, not overlayed, explore the effect of pen erasing self on shiny whiteboard surface. Enjoyed transition to expansion beyond whiteboard confinements. Positioned on left hand side. Could prompt more non-linear mark making eg not right to left as originally on whiteboard but left to right, up down etc. Was mix of more linear right-left writing on wall with more expressive diagramming/mark-making. More captivated by drawing/expressive mark making than linear writing, wall as site for big diagram/drawing (like these snippets a lot), whiteboard for writing maybe?

Interesting respect for whiteboard edges, frame emerges. What if whiteboard removable via hook? To do away with all confines mid-performance?

Vid doesn’t do projection justice sadly. Consider projecting onto translucent screen in front of you and wall, so that only your outline visible through camera, drawing revealed at end by removal of screen?

Potentials of invisible ink? E.g. lemon juice, UV pen, drawing created and movements visible, but a biit like etching wouldnt be revealed until end? Do you envision repeating performance/ changing duration/ new content. Many ways this could develop, exciting!

Would be interesting to see what people might infer from the drawing/wall post-peformance e.g. what words/symbols can be gleaned from beneath layers?