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Doll update.

Developed so much since the beginning of term peanut boi, interesting melding of digital ‘craft’ and hand ‘craft’. Seems as much a rich exploration/comparison of different modes of making, not just act of reconstruction.

Interesting to consider the processes that made original doll, likely factory made, mass produced. Therefore not unique or individual in form, it is only through time and experience that your particular emotional closeness has been attached to her. Doll is unique and special to you therefore is Intriguing that your personally hand crafted hand/feet/head are insufficient for recreating the emotional attachment you feel towards the doll. Consider is it more important to you to create an exact copy (if so could copy just be bought from the internet), or to recreate something that has a personal material bond to you. (if the latter then perhaps shoddy clay might not be as far from the original as you initially thought)?

Disembodied, headless. Playing with scale seems to creating something uncanny

Really interesting process using blender to construct comfort. There are interesting dialogues between the mechanical the pre fab as being the desired clean aesthetic, and the hand craft being seen as lower value, less desirable. (seeking transcendent, realistic form that can only be reached via slick machine not personal skills, possible rejection of human self ability to create transcendent form, is machine more godly, more able)? Tangent sorry lol.

Interesting how you are creating something 3d from a 2d image. Could this process perhaps be replicated with the images of the doll e.g. trying to construct her from 2d images on blender and seeing how this compares?Strange reverse x-ray. Opposite to the super tactile, immediate casting of face and head last term. Now essentially doing a digital cast of face. Would be interesting to reflect on the differences/similarities between these processes.

Yes LOVE photo of doll in photogram lab, quasi-science lab type feel, performing some experiments on dol, trying to concoct her back to life, or to upload her to digital life eternal! Quite sci-fi/ black mirror, afterlife stuff. Possibly look into post humanism eg can there be life beyond the body?

Uv maps so cool, lots you could do with these. Eg in interest of exploring digital vs physical, digitally print/ screen-print the images, the way they are set out in modular tiles potential for quilting. Try and recreate a 3d form from the maps using the same 2d to 3d method as used on your face?

Definitely go ahead with the 3d print woo exciting.