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This is more a self-processing snippet, but enjoy. Collage as mere arrangement of pre-existing parts, compost as actual creation of new materia from old - producer not product of parts pre-defined by someone else. How to mix without reducing to goo. Alchemy thinking.Microbiology as the building block of human existence - e.g. microorganisms in gut. Compost as a alchemical fermentation - production of energy and heat whilst in act of decomposition Creative process as composting - first gather material, then let ideas fester, mature, transmute, over time, into something new of value etc. from which to build the world you will then compost.ALCHEMICAL TRANSFORMATION OF WASTE TO VALUE - valued slow process. Composting as circular economy - recycling waste. Homogenous goo - decline into - fluidity - dissolution - breaking down world in order to build it back up. The way in which social media profiles require you to fit into a holistic ‘singular’ self. Starting with blank allows you to self-define parameters, categories and format, instead of predetermined templates of self. But how to retain coherence across community amidst such fragmentation. Reference - what on earth is the ground - talk i saw at csm in holidays, anthropologist that references palimpsest - in trying to re-conceive of archaeology as blended not stratified.