Interrogating sausage Interrogating sausage Interrogating sausage Interrogating sausage Interrogating sausage

A short note on sausages (personal). aka why sausage you say?

The wonderful thing about vegetarian sausages

‘Any food can be converted to a sausage, provided the texture is managed properly’, an extract from my new literary muse ‘the art of making vegetarian sausages’ (note: an ‘art’). Unlike celebrity meat sausages such as the Cumberland, with its PGI (protected geographical status) specialized-8-page-government-PDF criteria for creation (check it out), with vegetarian sausages, the sky's the limit. As long as it looks like a sausage, and feels like a sausage, you can put anything (edible?) you want in the sausage. Sweet, savoury, spicy or subtle the veggie sausage is perhaps possibly the next best vehicle for exploring experimental culinary hybridity (note: Perhaps). The ultimate example of material variety squeezed into a physical conformity. I imagine to feel happiness in calling any veggie sausage of mine the honest product of a ‘hybridization’ process, not a ‘homogenization’ so long as subjection to the hand-held blender is avoided.

“Political regimes come and go, but sausages remain”(famous quote), a.k.a. Sausages adapt, sausages are submissively squeezed and shaped through the stuffers of all great cultures??? Sausage is culture, so vegetarianism-sausage = new food of new ‘culture’; recently nurtured batch of a-bit-late now conscious consumers as they (we/you?) collectively try to negate industrial farming ecocide... ‘culture’?

Algorithms = recipes. Recipes = algorithms. (Marcus du Sautoy = The creativity code) [book]

(Stanley + Adam Marianski) = algorithm for veggie sausage

(Dominant material + binder + protein + fat + show material + ingredients) = Vegetarian sausage

(D + B + P + F + S + I) = Vs

But also see through the sausage

That thing of focus I want to confine myself within the slippery confines of artificial intestines
That thing of materiality. Sausage = embodiment of food processes of interest. The act of cooking = magical material alchemy

A website from my veggie sausage author muse (in casing) you are hungry

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